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September 9 2015

The 4th Montreal Flamenco Festival has taken off on Saturday, September 5th and will end on September 12th. This festival has great programming to offer with free outdoor shows, 5 @ 7s, indoor shows as well as family activities focused on flamenco. The quality of the shows announced is of high caliber and promises an exciting week for flamenco lovers or for those who would like to discover this music, these songs and dances that come from a rich cultural heritage of Spain.

Monday evening was the first show at Sala Rosa Hall at 4848 boul. St Lawrence. This show, entitled "Cambios" by the Impulso Flamenco group, put the eyes and ears on the spectators who were treated to a great performance by the musicians and two dancers present Delphine Mantha and Julie Dumoulin.

This group of musicians sing and play flamenco by fusing latino, arabic and jazz rhythms. The result is simply incredible thanks to original sounds, and they made us discover flamenco in a different version of traditional Spain. The musicians are talented, the dancers were beautiful to watch, because we lived with them the feelings and the passions conveyed by these musics that are festive, passionate or even tragic sometimes.

We were able to discover a beautiful African instrument, the kora, played by the guest of the band Sadio Sisshoko. In the final issue, the Latin influence was dominant and they were able to raise the crowd with a furious musical performance and a participation of Sadio who was able to bring its vitality by a dance "not too flamenco" but oh so appreciated by the spectators.

This group is produced monthly at "La Petite Marche" and is worthy of being followed by all those who have an interest in flamenco.

To learn more about the festival, visit their website: to see the full program.

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