Sergio Barrenechea (voice and percussion)

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Sergio Barrenechea founder of Impulso Flamenco, discovers music from an early age. At age 7, he began studying piano. At the age of 18, his passion turned to the world of percussion. Sergio then looked for every possible opportunity to study with the greatest masters of percussion in the world.
He studied composition and performance at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Mexico City. He has also attended several courses and master classes in Guinea Conakry, Havana, Cuba and Seville, Spain.
It is with a solid training and talent that Sergio has embarked on an international musical career. He has performed at the Real Mohamed V Theater in Morocco, Spain, the United States and at the Montreal Jazz Festival.
Established in Quebec since 2009, Sergio has performed several times at the Orientalys Festival, the Longueuil International Percussion Festival, the Montreal International Nuits d'Afrique Festival and the Montreal Jazz Festival. His reputation and his recognized talent led him to accompany a large number of popular groups on the Montreal scene such as Boogat, Trabuco Habanero, Impulso Flamenco, Pachuco Flamenco Jazz and Pat Servantes.

Yelitza Garcia (dance and choreography)

Yelitza started dancing at the age of 4 in her native Venezuela. She trained herself in jazz, musical comedy and tap-dancing. In 2001, she discovered flamenco and took her first steps with Carolina Escalante and Daniela Tugues in Caracas. At the same time, she moved into the field of fitness, she continued her training in jazz and tap and began her career as a teacher of dance and fitness. In the years that followed, numerous intensive courses were held at the Broadway Dance Center and the Amor de Dios Flamenco Center in Madrid. From 2008 to 2009, she danced with professional flamenco troupes in Venezuela and participated in many productions before moving to Montreal in June 2009.

Since this year, she joined the teaching team of the San Tropez Dance School where she teaches Latin dance classes. In 2010, she became a flamenco teacher at PLEAMAR studio. It is in the year 2011 that she is selected to be part of the first edition of Paso a Paso, mentorship of the flamenco art company La Otra Orilla.

Between 2012 and 2014 she danced in Montreal flamenco ensembles such as El Hispalis, Los Chiringuitos and Pasion Flamenca. In 2015 she opens her dance and fitness center named Mambo Fit Studio and from 2018 she is part of the Impulso Flamenco training.

Mathieu Langlois (guitar and arrangements)

Mathieu Langlois began his classical guitar studies with André Roy at St-Laurent Cegep and finished them on saxophone with Jean-Pierre Zanella and in composition and arrangement with Jean Fréchette.
He then completed a bachelor's degree in jazz performance on saxophone at the University of Montreal under the tutelage of Simon Stone without abandoning the guitar that he continued to practice actively. Since then, he performs with several formations as saxophone as the guitar.
For several years, world music fascinated him and he perfected the language of the Balkans on saxophone and Flamenco on guitar with among others Marcos Marin, Caroline Planté and Henry Garf as teachers. He has just joined the Impulso Flamenco formation with which he toured Mexico in January 2019 and performs regularly.

Rodrigo Salazar (bass)

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Rodrigo studied acoustic bass and music education at the Conservatory of the University of Concepcion in Chile. Driven by the desire to live new experiences, he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he worked professionally with several Jazz bands.
He also participated in a week-long workshop at the Berklee College of Music, Summer School, Argentina in 1987. He then moved to Brazil where he was able to devote himself to Brazilian popular music, especially guitar, the bass and the voice. He has lived in Montreal for 24 years now.

Mikhaelle Salazar (voice and violin)

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Born in Quebec to a Quebec mother and a Chilean father, Mikhaëlle Salazar is divided between the culture of here and the Latin culture that occupies an important place in her life.

She began playing the violin at the age of five and then decided to devote herself to singing by undertaking a jazz program that led her to the Université de Montréal where she graduated in 2015.

She performs in various bands with whom she performs in many venues in Montreal and in various festivals.

A multi-talented artist, she has also appeared on the Radio-Canada channel for several times on the TV show "En direct de l'univers" and participated in the CBC's 75th Anniversary Gala.

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